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A Mayrhofer
personal site.

news for 02.05.2003

ENUM lookup

ENUM lookup web interface added ::
Look up ENUM services associated to a phone number. ENUM will play a big role in upcoming VoIP services, as it enables internet services to be addresses via "common" phone numbers.

news for 15.03.2003

php_libxslt update

php_libxslt-0.2 released ::
php_libxslt is an alternative to the default PHP XSLT extension. Version 0.2 fixes the build environment (compiles with PHP4.3) and some typos.

news for 04.03.2003

php_libxslt first release

php_libxslt-0.1 released ::
php_libxslt is an alternative to the default PHP XSLT extension. php_libxslt uses libxslt, the GNOME XSLT C library, as transformation engine. Code is currently not really clean yet, but this site proves that it works.

news for 13.09.2002

sign me up!

My very first (and sucessful!) arts project ::
I've done my first art project, "sign me up!", and i dare to call it a success. It won first prize at "SOLID EXPRESSIONS" contest, and was exhibited at "quartier21".
"sign me up!" resembles a graphic in standard web banner size (468x60 pixel), remediated into tapestry work.
more coverage... ::
For photos of my work and the exhibition venue see my photo page.

news for 07.07.2002

photo section opened

07.07.2002: additional content area ::
I've added a photo section. It's not yet overcrowded, but more images will be added from time to time.

news for 23.04.2002

Apache 2.0 contains LDAP auth module

23.04.2002: (my) LDAP module discontinued ::
I just noticed that Apache 2.0 comes with an LDAP authentication module as part of the official Apache distribution (It's not in the main distribution, but the LDAP related stuff is kept in a seperate tarball). That module is different from my module, and has not been written by me. Since I'm pretty sure that it works better than my (now about 3 years old) module, i decided to discontinue development on my mod_auth_ldap.
Therefore, please use the bundled module, i will not even port my module to the new Apache API.

news for 20.04.2002

site relaunch

20.04.2002: nona.net relaunches with new design ::
The new site is finally in a useable state, so i decided to release it. There is not much new content (yet), but the backend system as well as the fancy stuff has been completely redesigned
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