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Alex Mayrhofer
personal site.

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personal projects, information about me

nona.net - main page

dive.io | your scuba network ::
Are you a scuba diver? Check out dive.io(link, external), log your dives online, keep in touch with your buddies, and discover new places to dive. dive.io(link, external) - your scuba network.
xm.my | short links for maps ::
Ever needed a short link of a map? xm.my - URL shortening for maps(link, external) allows you to create short links of your favorite locations. Perfect for sharing them on blogs, in your tweets or on your facebook status page (or even in text messages).
ENUM lookup web page ::
One of my other projects is a ENUM lookup(link, external) web page, providing mapping of E.164 numbers into domain names and services.
Projects, Articles, Photos, Information ::
Hi and welcome to the personal web site of Alexander Mayrhofer. If you have not found out yet how to navigate, give the bar at the top a try ;)
contact ::
If you have questions or would like to sent me a comment about this site, feel free to contact me via email: axelm-web(at)nona.net.

news for 02.05.2003
ENUM lookup
ENUM lookup web interface added ::
Look up ENUM services associated to a phone number. ENUM will play a big role in upcoming VoIP services, as it enables internet services to be addresses via "common" phone numbers.

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