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nonaneticon - an icon made from your ip address

the creativity of coincidence ::
Why always try to be creative when coincidences can provide surprisingly 'semi-creative' results? The tiny 5x5 pixel icon above is rendered using a technical requirement of any internet connection, namely the client ip address of your web browser's connection. A binary, world wide unique number of 32 digits, more or less randomly assigned, depending on where and how you connect to the internet.
the internet equivalent of the inkblot test? ::
It's close to impossible to choose a specific ip address. It usually does not matter at all which one you use, but it matters here. It determines how your icon looks like. What it resembles is up to your imagination.
33554432 different ones - even more chances ::
Despite an ip address may look short (and even memorizeable) there are 33554432 different nonaneticons (using the least significant 25 bits of the address). Not all ip addresses out of this range are in use, but anyway only a very small percentage of that range has been explored by visitors yet.
coming soon
recent icons
an exhibition of icons will open here rsn. contribute by giving the icons you create a name!
an icon made from your ip address

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