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write shapefiles from your PHP scripts

ext_shapelib - Shapelib extension/wrapper for PHP

What is ext_shapelib? ::
ext_shapelib is an extension for PHP, enabling PHP scripts to access shapefiles (*.shp/*.shx/*.dbf) as used in many GIS applications. Ext_shapelib is a wrapper around the C shapelib(link, external), and makes a subset of the Shapelib API available to PHP scripts.
Status ::
Currently, the extension is in an early stage, and allows just creation of shape files and adding shapes (plus their attributes) to the newly created files.
However, full support of all shapelib functionality is planned for upcoming releases.
Download and installation instructions are provided here. If you have any questions regarding ext_shapelib, contact me at axelm-shapelib(at)nona.net.