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mod_auth_ldap ChangeLog

Version 0.5.1 ::
Fixed Bug in sha1_digest() (will read memset man page more careful next time, i promise!)
Fixed Bug in BindAsUser-mode allowing users to log in with empty password when anonymous bind was enabled on LDAP server
Version 0.5 ::
Added BindAsUser patch (credits John-Mark Gurney), ability to use scheme prefixed passwords (sha1, crypt), fixed docs & comments regarding group membership string, added AuthLDAPSearchScope.
Version 0.4 ::
Changed module to compile out-of-the-box with Apache 1.3, fixed nasty RAW_ARGS bug. Added support for crypt passwords.
Version 0.3 ::
Added Option to do a base search instead of an one level search in the LDAP directory. Performance is my friend ;-). Also fixed some typos in Documentation.
Version 0.2: ::
Initial Release
Version 0.1 ::
Internally used only, never released.

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