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Apache LDAP authentication module


Update regarding Apache 2.0 ::
Apache 2.0 was released on April 06 2002. Since Apache 2.0 contains a LDAP authentication module(link, external) out-of-the-box (not my module, a different one, despite the same name) i will discontinue development on my module. You are encouraged to use the Apache-bundled module. I do currently not consider porting my module to the new API, so if you desperately _want_ to use my module, you'll have to stick with Apache 1.3. I do still support the module on a best effort basis, so don't hesitate to ask me.
outline ::
mod_auth_ldap provides Apache with a LDAP based authentication facility. Users authenticating against the server can have their credentials stored in a LDAP aware directory server. Great flexibility in terms of how to search for the user's node in the directory allow to authenticate against various directory schemes. Groups are supported, scheme prefixed passwords can be used.
Getting the source ::
You can download the current version of the module (latest version 0.5.1) here. The file is only about 18kByte, so don't suspect something has gone wrong if the download is completed in a few seconds.
Learn how to add the module to your Apache installation
Documentation about the Configuration directives provided by mod_auth_ldap
Read what has changed from version to version, find out if you should upgrade (or use another LDAP authentication module).

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