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A Mayrhofer
personal site.

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nona.net is the personal site of A Mayrhofer ::
Well, as already said, this is my personal web site. Content-wise still not far from the braindead "me, my cat, my car"-site it attracts at least a few hundred visitors per day. Most of them visit the place name database and my software page.
Q: why do you host at "nona.net"? ::
Well, that's a bit complicated to explain if you are not native to Austria or southern Germany (which you seem not to be, because you've asked this).
"no na net" is a very common colloquial phrase in Austria, it's meaning can possibly be descibed best as "of course it is, why did you even dare to ask!". So, the domain name "nona.net" has nothing to do with the surname "nona" nor the latin number "nine", it's simply an Austrian phrase (and owning a domain resembling such a phrase was pretty cool in 1997 ;-)
even more about the site (and me!) ::
So if you're still not bored, continue with some information about me or find out how this little site works and where it's hosted.
Finally, if you're interested in this site's imprint, you'll find it here (in german, but you'll find you're way around anyway).

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