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Hardware ::
This site runs on a quite old RISC machine featuring a 300MHz CPU and 224MB of "stoneage" DIMMs. Anyway, it's rock stable, and that's worth more than infinite cpu power, imho. The current total disc capacity is 13GB (9GB primary disk, 4GB serving as backup media), which is currently filled by about 60%, mostly because of the huge data files required for my global place name database.
Software ::
The box runs Debian GNU/Linux(link, external) as operating system, the usual suspect(link, external) serves my web site. The pages are built from XML snippets fetched from a PostgreSQL database(link, external), and then transformed into HTML using a homegrown PHP XSLT extension
Connectivity ::
The box is connected to the network in Vienna (AT) at the premises of Tiscali AG(link, external), the successor of my former employer. Thanks for that.
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