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digital elevation model data conversion script

asc2pov - convert AAIGrid DEM data into POVray heightfield data

Overview ::
asc2pov is a simple perl script (others may call it a 'hack') to convert AAIGrid (Arc/Info ASCII Grid) digital elevation model (DEM) data into data suitable for POVray's height_field object type. The most obvious use for this script is to convert DEM data for 3d landscape rendering. For any other GIS related raster data conversion, i recommend using GDAL.
Usage ::
To convert data using asc2pov, simply feed the script with AAIGrid data on STDIN, and redirect the output to the designated file (which will, obviously, be overwritten) using the following syntax:
$ cat demodata.asc | perl asc2pov.pl > demodata.tga
(Please note that demo data is not included in the script distribution)
Download and license ::
The script is available for download here, current version is 0.1. The script is licensed in BSD-style, if you encounter any weirdness feel free to contact me at axelm-asc2pov@nona.net