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version 1.61a

PHP4 backport of dns_get_record()

Overview - Query domain name system records ::
dns_get_record() is a PHP function to query DNS (domain name system) resource records of specific types. Unfortunately, this very useful function did not make it into PHP4 (yet?), and is only available in PHP5. Since i needed support for NAPTR type domain resource records in a web application, i started backporting the function to PHP4. The backport provides the function as a standalone loadable dynamic extension.
Please refer to the PHP documentation for a list of supported domain name record types.
The file is only about 8kB in size, so please doublecheck your download before you retry it. Download here.
Installation/Usage ::
Please refer to the file INSTALL in the tarball and to the original dns_get_record() function reference(link, external).
Questions? Feedback? ::
Feel free to contact me at axelm-php(at)nona.net.

dns_get_record (backport) changes
v1.61a ::
Changes from upstream include file dns.h 1.17
v1.61 ::
changes from upstream version 1.61
v1.59 ::
initial release